findings 2019

Welcome to Findings Festival, where we celebrate the final days of summer.

Date: 16. – 17. August 2019 – Bislett Stadium

Friday 3PM – 11PM
Saturday 2 PM – 11PM

  • Can I go out of the festival area:
    Yes, you can go in and out of the festival area, but we can not guarantee that there is no line on the way back in again. We also have separate lines for those with wristband, to minimize lines.
  • Can I bring with food and beverage to festival area?
    No. Food and beverage are available at festival.
  • Can I bring with me an umbrella or poncho?
    Umbrellas are not allowed due to safety. Please bring a raincoat or other suitable clothing.


  • What do I do if the name on the ticket is not my own?
    As long as you have a valid ticket and ID, you may enter the festival – no matter what name is on the ticket.
  • Can I pick up a wristband to others than myself?
    No. You can not pick up wristband to others then yourself – wristbands are handed out personally to you, and must not be removed before after festival.
  • Do I have to print my ticket – or is it sufficient to have it on my cellphone?
    Cellphone is enough, we scan the tickets digitally.
  • Can I enter the festival if I am under 18 years old?
    No, you must be 18 years old before entering the festival.
    Or 20 years old to enter the Premium festival area.
  • Can I upgrade my ticket?
    No upgrade available


  • You can only pay with Cashless – click HERE for more information.
  • We use Cashless to minimize lines and make the festival a better experience for you.


Any other questions?